With the growth of technology and the increase in usage of smartphones, people are now started betting from their homes. People are often confused about betting exchange sites bookmaker sites. 

In this article, we will give you a brief introduction of what is the difference between betting exchange and bookmakers.

Here is the list of Ford differences from where you can differentiate bookmakers from betting exchange sites.

Betting on the outcome

The outcome of betting is very important when you want to earn huge money from right betting. Betting exchange sites allow bettors to place a bet on the outcome of the match. They will not allow you to bet during the match. However, in the case of bookmakers, back bets or the labels are placed against other players in a betting exchange. You can bet on the players betting and earn an extra income from their winning amount. 

Hence, by betting customers against each other betting exchange sides do not limit players on which kind of bed they would want to make and earn real money.



One of the reasons for vibrating exchange sites are popular then bookmakers are better experienced and have better odds than the former. Since the betting exchange site work in a free market with bettors, controlling the odds you can get better money in the odds presented by betting exchange sites flood stuff on the other hand bookmakers manage or set the odds by themselves, which includes their commission. That is means if a better earn money in bookmakers site they have to give a certain amount of money as a Commission to the bookmakers. 

Therefore, it is always advised to bet on betting exchange sites that will increase the value of your money and you did not have to give an extra commission to the betting exchange sites.


Betting exchange sites generally take a minimum commission from the bettors while they bet on specific games. It is the way to earn money from the business. It is the percentage of the money site earns from the bettors. In other cases, bookmakers set the odds with a percentage of money added to it. However, generally, the commission of bookmakers earns greater commission than betting exchange sites. 


When you are playing with a betting exchange site, you have a lot of flexibility regarding the outcome of your choice by placing the right bet on your favorite sports. However, when it exceeds the accumulated money, the betting exchange can restrict you from further betting. 

The outcome of the game accumulates cannot determine the betting amount easily as they are not placed against a fixed or but forwarded by the bookies’ pollster in case of odds placed if restricted you can make less money in case of the accumulator.

So, if you are a new bettor then choose the betting sites wisely. Considering the above criteria we have selected the best betting exchange sites:

  • PureWin
  • Bet365
  • Comeon
  • Leon
  • LeoVegas